Responding to Crisis: Shifting Your Organizational Data Management Strategy (PUB 001)
Responding to Crisis: Shifting Your Organizational Data Management Strategy (PUB 001)
This session will help city leaders answer the following questions: How should city leaders modify their current data governance and management strategies to respond to the current crisis? What key questions should they ask about their current...
Understanding COVID-19 Data & Building Dashboards (PUB 002)
Understanding COVID-19 Data & Building Dashboards (PUB 002)
What trustworthy data sources are available to help you track the spread of COVID-19 in your community? What is the best way to visualize that data to generate insights? What types of dashboards are being built by municipalities across the...
Bias and Inequity in the time of COVID-19 (PUB 003)
Bias and Inequity in the time of COVID-19 (PUB 003)
During this unprecedented public health and economic crisis, vulnerable communities that have historically been overlooked or distanced from public sector programs are most at risk. This session will focus on how cities can place a commitment to...
Adapting Performance Management During COVID-19 (PUB 004)
Adapting Performance Management During COVID-19 (PUB 004)
How can cities draft critical performance metrics during a pandemic and track progress towards them? This webinar will provide city leaders with foundational support around creating metrics that are grounded in good data and aligned to strategy....
Data Sharing in Times of Crisis (PUB 005)
Data Sharing in Times of Crisis (PUB 005)
The 2020 Pandemic revealed the need for government and public health officials to seamlessly share data among jurisdictions. What are some strategies governments have deployed to share data? What considerations should you keep in mind before...
Live Conversation: Local Governments and COVID-19 with Dr. Josh Sharfstein (PUB006)
Live Conversation: Local Governments and COVID-19 with Dr. Josh Sharfstein (PUB006)
As the world continues to grapple with how to manage and monitor the spread of COVID-19, we know that local governments are at the forefront of the response.   To meet this need, the Centers for Civic Impact invites you to a virtual...
Get to Know Your LMS (UG 002)
User Guide
Get to Know Your LMS (UG 002)
Before you begin your learning journey with GovEx Academy, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the learning system we use to bring our courses to you. The short self-directed guide will help you navigate your online courses and...

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