WWC Sprint

Fort Worth Data Inventory and Quality_Sprint (GVXFTWT 011)

START DATE: 04/20/2021 END DATE: 05/28/2021 Self-Paced

This Sprint will help government staff inventory data collection methods across the city in order to improve data efficiency, increase accountability, and ease citywide reporting, decision-making, and performance optimization. Data inventories answer the questions of what data is being collected (and if there is any duplication among departments) and what systems are in use in order to promote transparency, and develop data publishing plans. Additionally, this Sprint will discuss the data quality fixes and the implications of using ‘bad’ data. Participants will walk away with a Data Inventory and Data Quality Remediation Plan for their city.

This Sprint is meant to provide municipal staff with the foundational tools and plan needed to perform a data audit. Participants will be expected to review provided reading materials and videos prior to the live sessions and complete the relevant assignments to establish a data inventory and develop a data publishing plan in their cities.

Achievable Criteria: 1 Data Governance criteria
Your local government maintains a detailed and comprehensive data inventory that makes its data more discoverable and accessible.

(Data Quality Certification Standard)
Achievable Criteria: 3 Data Governance criteria
Your local government has and carries out documented policies or practices to improve data quality.
Your local government adopts Civic Data Standards.
In order to fulfill DG1 criteria of the WWC Certification Assessment of the WWC Certification Assessment,
- Your local government has a documented methodology for routinely collecting and updating the data inventory.
In the past 12 months, the inventory has been updated.
- The inventory covers datasets from more than 80% of the departments in the local government.
- A version of the data inventory is published online.

In order to fulfill DG3 criteria of the WWC Certification Assessment of the WWC Certification Assessment,
- Your local government identifies data quality problems by conducting a data quality audit.
- Your local government implements processes to improve identified data quality problems.
- Your local government documents standards for internal data so that certain common fields (e.g., street address) are consistent across the organization.
- Your local government establishes feedback channels for data users to identify data quality issues.
This is an online, instructor-facilitated 4-week sprint developed by GovEx Academy, part of the Centers for Civic Impact at Johns Hopkins University.
This sprint aligns with the What Works Cities Certification Criteria focused on Data Governance. The full list of criteria can be found here >>> https://www.bbhub.io/dotorg/sites/8/2017/03/WWC-Standard-Certification-Criteria.pdf
  • About Data Inventory and Quality Sprint
  • Welcome to the Data Inventory and Quality
  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Certification Criteria and Sprint Objectives
  • Reading and Resources List
  • Video: How to Navigate The LMS
  • Week 1: Impacts and Benefits of Data Quality and Inventory Checks
  • Week 1 Readings and Resources
  • Week 1 Assignment Data Inventory & Quality Improvement Plan
  • SUBMIT Week 1 Assignment: DIQ Improvement Plan (Submission and Feedback)
  • Week 1 Lecture Slides
  • Week 2: Performing Data Inventory and Quality Checks
  • Week 2 Readings and Resources
  • Week 2 Assignment Performing Data Inventory and Quality Checks
  • SUBMIT Week 2 Assignment: Performing Data Inventory (Submission and Feedback)
  • Week 2 Lecture Slides
  • Week 3: Data Standards - Evaluation and Adoption
  • Week 3 Readings and Resources
  • Week 3 Lecture Slides
  • Week 3 Assignment: Data Standards - Evaluation and Adoption
  • SUBMIT Week 3 Assignment: Data Standards - Evaluation (Submission and Feedback)
  • WEEK 4: Approach to Implementation and Sustainability 21d
  • Week 4 Readings and Resources
  • Week 4 Lecture Slides
  • Week 4 Assignment: Complete DIQI Plan
  • SUBMIT Week 4 Assignment: Completed DIQI Plan (Submission and Feedback)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed